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“A watched pot never boils until you look away and then it’s always too late.”


Anyone that’s ever had their wort boil over on their stove, knows what a sticky sugary mess that is. With the Brewcolator in your brew pot those days are over. Set the Brewcolator in your pot, adjust the height, turn on the heat and walk away. No more staring at a pot waiting for it to come to a boil. No need to add foam inhibitors to your wort.


The Brewcolator saves time and money.

Most beer recipes call for a certain amount of wort to be boiled away. With the Brewcolator spray head there is more surface area for steam to evaporate, reducing the time it takes to reduce the overall volume. Because the heat is concentrated in the center of the brew pot, less fuel is needed to bring your wort to a boil. In fact you may find that you need to turn the heat much lower than what you’re used to. If you see steam coming out of the spray head instead of liquid, the heat is too high.


Maintaining a good rolling boil is critical to making quality beer.

Sometimes you don’t always have the perfect set-up for making beer. It could be that you have a giant pot on a small burner, or the wind is blowing the flame away from your brew pot. With the Brewcolator in your brew pot you will always have the benefit of a good rolling boil.